If you’re coming to play at Meeple Madness, please remember to follow these simple house rules.

  1. Smelly things stay outside.  This includes food, cigarettes, people, animals and any other stuff that has caught the stinkies.
  2. Keep your language clean.  Just because the person you’re talking to is comfortable with it, doesn’t mean everyone else is.
  3. Demonstrate good sportsmanship.  Win with grace, lose with style.
  4. Mind your hands.  Don’t touch other gamers’ stuff without their permission.
  5. Mind your manners.  Don’t belittle new gamers, harass other players, or mock the things other people enjoy.
  6. No gambling.  There’s nothing pithy to add to that.
  7. No weapons.  Unless you have a legal permit to carry a weapon, the only ones you should have are on your models.

If you have a problem in the store, please contact the store staff immediately.

Please note that we have sixteen surveillance cameras positioned throughout our space.  They’re in plain sight – just look up.  These cameras are positioned to watch the gaming and retail areas, and the recordings may be used to investigate any claims of harassment or theft in the store.  They are there to protect our gamers and their stuff from folks that behave poorly.

If you ever have a personal item stolen or misplaced during your time at Meeple Madness, please let us know immediately, and we will do everything we can to help you recover it.