Rewards and Discounts

Rewards Program

As a way of saying “Thank you” to our customers we offer a Rewards Program, open to anyone shopping in our store.  While we may offer additional programs from time to time, the standard setup is point-based, where you earn one point for every dollar you spend in our store.  These points are stored in your rewards program account, until you wish to spend them in the store.   When you spend them, they disappear from your account.  They can be spent as follows:

100 points – one free “standard” booster (Destiny, Pokémon, or Magic)
500 points – $25 off your purchase
1000 points – $75 off your purchase
1000 points – 15% discount on your purchase, and all future purchases for 1 full year
1500 points – $125 off your purchase (or a $100 Gift Card)
2000 points – $200 off your purchase (or a $150 Gift Card)
3000 points – $300 off your purchase (or a $300 Gift Card)

As you can see, the longer you wait to spend your points, the more valuable they become.  Also, it’s important to note that the reward can only be used after you earn the points, not on the same purchase that actually earned you the 500th (or 1,000th, etc) point.

Please note that once you become a Member Meeple, you’ll still continue to earn points as you spend, and you can use those points to get dollars off your purchases (see Combining Discounts and Rewards below), or to renew your Membership for future years.

And, finally, please understand that this is not a cash-back program, and we cannot split a reward across multiple purchases.  If you cash in 500 points on a purchase that costs $15.00, we cannot give you $10.00 back, nor can we bank that $10.00 for a future purchase.

For our Rewards Program, we work with AppCard for managing the rewards.  They offer an App our customers can use to track their rewards, and they help us keep track of the points you’ve earned when you visit the store.  The App is not necessary to use the program.

Also, please note that AppCard does have a feature that allows us to send you text messages.  We never use this.  If you receive a text message or other unsolicited email from AppCard on our behalf, please contact us as soon as possible, so we can figure out what’s going on.

Casual Event Punch Card

Beginning in January, 2017, we’ve introduced a Casual Event Punch Card program.  For folks who attend our casual events, you’ll earn one virtual “punch” for each event you pay for and attend.  When you accumulate ten punches, your next event is on us.

“Casual” events are distinguished by a few characteristics:

  1.  They have a $5.00 entry fee
  2. Their prize support is limited to a pack-per-win structure, with a participation pack
  3. Additional prize support is provided by a distributor or publisher

Currently, the following events are eligible for the Punch Card system:

Friday Night Magic
Pokémon Casual Tournament
Casual Star Wars Destiny Tournament
Dice Masters Casual Tournament

When you redeem your free event, your receipt will reflect the item “AppCard – Free Casual Event” in place of the tournament fee.  AppCard will then remove your ten punches, and you’ll be able to start earning them again, starting with the next casual event you pay to participate in.

Community Hero Discounts

If you’re a Firefighter, Police Officer, EMT, Paramedic, a member of the military on active duty, Veteran, or Teacher, you can show us your ID and receive a 10% discount off your entire purchase.  This is just a small way to say “Thank You” for the work you do for our community.

Game Host Discounts

At Meeple Madness, we run lots of events.  We have Staffers who act as Game Masters and Tournament Organizers, to make sure our events fire off with great success.  We also want to encourage our customers to host events in our store.  To that end, we also offer a 10% Host discount, good on the day you host an event in our store.

Event Discounts

From time to time, we will offer other discounts in the store – either for participants of specific events (like our Privateer Press Journeyman League), or to celebrate certain interesting dates (like, I dunno, our birthdays).  These will be announced on our blog, or in the event information on our calendar.

Maximum Discounts

Certain products in our store have maximum discounts, defined by the manufacturer or distributor.  If you’re eligible for a discount beyond a product’s maximum discount, your discount will be reduced to the maximum for that item only.   For example, Battle Foam and Frontline have a maximum discount of 10%; to provide anything higher would cause us to lose access to their product line.

Additionally, for most events (Tournaments, Friday Night Magic, etc), the entry fee is not discountable.  This is because those fees are used to cover the actual cost of the event, including prize support.

A few other items are also not discountable, like Magic Singles, and certain products that simply cost us too much to discount aggressively.

When you buy such items, the rest of your purchase will be discounted at full available level.  Of course, our Staffer will let you know of any such restrictions at the time of purchase, so you can choose to select a different product if you wish.

Additionally, discounts can never be combined beyond 30%, due to product margins, and our desire to stay in business.  For example, a Community Hero who is a Member Meeple would have a discount of 25% under normal circumstances.  If they were to attend an event that is offering a 10% discount, they would be capped at 30%.

Combining Discounts and Rewards

When combining discounts and spending rewards points, the rewards points are applied before the discount is applied.  So, for example, if you’re buying $100.00 in product, and have a $25.00 reward to spend during an event that has a 10% discount going on, it will be calculated as follows (before taxes are applied):

100 – 25 = 75 – (75 * 0.10) = 67.50

You will, of course, earn reward points on the balance of the purchase (67.50 in the example above).

Changes to this Program

While we strive for consistency in all we do, we reserve the right to make changes to this program as needed.  In general, we will attempt to provide at least 30 days notice for any change that reduces the benefits outlined in this document.  For changes that increase the benefits to our customers, we may choose to be more aggressive in our timetables.